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The Farm
Our Family farm is a 10 acre parcel of newly cleared land with virgin, nutrient-rich soil. We are walking distance to the new Greenview Multiplex on Township Road 704. Construction of our new Distillery building is set to begin spring 2019 - stay tuned to this page for updates.
The Orchard
2017 summer was planting season! After clearing and picking roots for most of the spring Jamie and Cheryl planted 120 Dolgo Crabapple trees in a high density orchard which is something never done in Alberta before. They plan to use these little jewels to produce brandy and vodka as well as a kick ass crabapple moonshine.
 The orchard also boasts Pear Trees, Plum Trees, Cherry Trees, Apricot Trees, Saskatoons, Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Black Currants, Rhubarb, Mint, Garlic. All of which they plan to use to make truly unique farm to glass Alberta products.
The Furry Beasts
Our barnyard is filled with miniatures.  From miniature Pygmy goats we will have at the on-farm distillery for the public to enjoy to Miniature Babydoll Sheep which we will use to graze the tree orchard.(Not the strawberries though because they find them way too tasty) . 
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