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Moonshine!! Whether this is your first time wetting your whistle with Moonshine or if it is your drink of choice. Our wheatshine, moonshines will have you wanting more! The Crabbie Goats Moonshines are smooth and tasty with the perfect blend of fruits and flavors to make your taste buds jump for joy!
black barb.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml


The  "Black Barb"

Prepare to have your mind blown with our newest flavor "Black Barb"!!!

 A sour/sweet fruity blend of our orchard picked black currants and rhubarb. Drink with sprite and lemon/lime wedges for a super fresh tasting, easy summer drink.

 The Barbellini

1 1/2 oz The Black Barb Moonshine

3 oz club soda or sprite

2 TBSP peach puree

Puree and freeze a large can of peaches. Blend black barb with club soda & crushed ice add peach puree.

mojito mint.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



Mojito  Mint

Crabbie Goat Mojito Mint Moonshine was crafted to make the perfect Mojito. This refreshing spirit has fresh mint leaves steeped for a week in our smooth moonshine and is then blended with lime and our handmade cane sugar mint syrup to make the best mojito north of Cuba . Add an ounce to a glass of Fresca for a quick refreshing cocktail!


1 1/2 oz Mojito Mint Moonshine

4 fresh mint leaves

1 TBSP sugar

1 whole lime

4-6 oz club soda

Sugar rim of glass. Muddle fresh mint leaves with sugar add 1-2 ounces of Mojito Mint half a fresh squeezed lime and top with club soda and a fresh mint sprig.  Add an ounce of Saskatoon moonshine or Strawberry Smash moonshine and fresh fruit for flavored mojitos!

coffee moonshine.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



Kickin' Coffee

Crabbie Goat Kickin Coffee Moonshine is brewed with Costa Rican Beans and a splash Mexican Vanilla.  Add an ounce to your favorite iced coffee or make a Paralyzer by adding one ounce to milk and cola.

 Paralyzed Goat

1 1/2 oz Kickin Coffee Moonshine

5 oz cola

1 oz milk

Sugar rim with sugar. Serve over ice 

 Coffee Delight

1 1/2 oz Kickin Coffee Moonshine

3 oz iced coffee concentrate

3 oz milk

Serve on ice

nanas apple pie label.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



Nana's  Apple    Pie Moonshine


Many Albertans would argue that crabapples make the best apple pie with their perfect blend of tart sweetness. At the Crabbie Goat we couldn't agree more! That is why we are excited to bring you Nana's Apple Pie Moonshine made with local Alberta crabapples!


1 1/2 oz Nana's Apple Pie Moonshine

5 oz gingerale 

Sugar rim with cinnamon and sugar. Serve over ice 

 Spiked Cider

1 1/2 oz Nana's Apple Pie Moonshine

1 packet of hot apple cider dissolved in mug of hot water

Serve with a cinnamon stick



Our Earl Grey Moonshine is like nothing you have tried before with an all natural  blend of black tea, bergamot, cornflower and a touch of  fresh strawberry this beverage is sure to delight the senses and is the perfect drink for a summers day!

Earl's Garden Moonshine



Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



 The Earls Iced Tea

1 1/2 oz Earl's Garden Moonshine

1 1/2 oz chilled earl grey tea  

3 oz  lemonade

1 oz maraschino cherry juice

2 maraschino cherries

Serve over ice

pickled bean label.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml


Dill Pickled Bean Moonshine

Prepare to have your mind blown with the tastiest Caeser  you have ever  tried! Our moonshine is soaked in a barrel of fresh dill, garlic and green beans. The Crabbie Goat's Dill Pickled Bean Vodka will take your Caesars to the next level !  

 Shiny Caeser

1 1/2 oz Dill Pickled Bean Moonshine

1 1/2 oz pickled bean juice   

3 oz  clamato

dash of worcestershire

dash of tobasco

Rim glass with ceaser rimmer. Serve over ice and garnish with a pickled bean!


Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



We wouldn't be from the Canadian Prairies if we didn't make the best damn Saskatoon Moonshine in the west! Fresh from the orchard we soak our berries in moonshine for weeks before the alcohol is blended with our handcrafted saskatoon syrup to bring it to the perfect level of sweetness and real punch of saskatoon awesomeness! Drink with Mountain dew for an easy cocktail.

Saskatoon Moonshine


 Saskatoon Sparkler

1 1/2 oz Saskatoon Moonshine

3 oz cranberry juice 

1 1/2 oz lemonade 

club soda

Serve over ice and enjoy!


Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml



With a pound of our orchard strawberries smashed into every jar, this isn't your regular fancy schmancy infused drink. This is real fruit, done up real good! You couldn't fit more strawberry flavor in a jar if you tried.

Strawberry  Smash Moonshine


 Strawberry Smash

1 1/2 oz Strawberry Smash Moonshine

3 strawberries 

3 fresh basil leaves

club soda

Muddle strawberries and basil in bottom of glass, pour in Strawberry Smash and club soda shake over ice and serve.

rootbeer moonshine.png

Alc. 20% ABV // 750 ml


Rootbeer Moonshine




Sit back, relax and remember the days of sippin on you're rootbeer soda. One of our bestsellers, this rootbeer is made by boiling sarsparilla root with a blend of other botanicals for hours till that perfect rootbeer goodness shines through.


 The Brown Goat

2 parts Crabbie Goat Rootbeer Moonshine

3 parts rootbeer

1 part milk

Drink over ice and enjoy!

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