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Custom Labels

Order Your Custom Bottles now!

Need a great Corporate Gift or Wedding Favor?!

The Crabbie Goat's custom label program has you covered. Our minimum is 48 bottles of one label style in total, with a minimum of 12 bottles per flavor.

Prices are as follows-

48 -72 jars (4 to 6 cases)-

Retail Jar Price + $3 per label + $40 label setup fee per flavor

84-132 jars (7 to 11 cases)-

Retail Jar Price + $40 label setup fee per flavor -$0 label fee

144 + (12+ cases) -

10% discount from retail jar price - $0 Setup $0 label charge




private label template.jpg
private label template 750.jpg

Select your product:

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Upload File
Upload File

- Orders take 4-6 weeks so order asap. Shipping is paid by the customer

A 50% deposit is required at time of order.

A signed proof approval is required.

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