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Fuzzin Peach 🍑  Moonshine

Fuzzin Peach 🍑 Moonshine


Fuzzin Peach Moonshine

If you like the peach candies you’ll love this! This perfectly peachy moonshine is made with BC peaches 🍑! Enjoy over ice, in a sparkling water, Prosecco or add to orange juice for a fuzzy navel.

365 ml plastic bottle ~ @20% Alc./Vol

Im “Peach” mint

2 oz Fuzzin Peach Moonshine

1 oz Mojito Mint Moonshine

8 oz club soda

2 Fresh mint sprig

Peach wedge

Crush 1 fresh mint in bottom of glass with peach shine add mint shine and club soda. Top with mint sprig and peach wedge.

Georgia Peach

1 oz Fuzzin Peach Moonshine

1oz white Rum

2 oz orange juice

1 oz cranberry juice

Serve over ice

375 ml plastic bottle

20% Alc./Vol.

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